Coaching – Business and Lifestyle

Are you just starting your career in Dentistry? or Have you been practicing for years?

Do you feel stuck or burnt out with your daily business and life struggles? We can help you to get unstuck, and find peace.

We will provide fundamental knowledge, tools, and methods to enhance profitability, reduce stress, and achieve a work-life balance. This approach will empower you to earn more while working less.

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Processing Stress

How to process your daily professional stress

We will help you learn how to effectively process stressful situations to reduce the risk of overwhelm and burnout. We will give you practical strategies to use in your day-to-day life.

Life Balance

We will help you to create a fulfilling and joyful life as a dentist entrepreneur

Learn the foundations for creating a joyful and more satisfying life in dentistry.

Learn strategies and tools to grow professionally and personally.

Discover what’s really blocking the path to success. We will help you discover and take the road that will lead to a joyful and fulfilling life.

We inspire doctors to do what inspires them so that together we can change our patients’ lives one smile at a time while living a joyful life.

Dr. Nagy’s mentoring and coaching program offers personalized and customized services to help you kick-start your journey to developing a Thriving Practice.

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Choose one of the two options to schedule a coaching call with Dr. Nagy and take your life to a new level.

Option 1: The most popular option chosen by dentists who want to improve their profits and lives. A subscription-based program.

Option 2: Schedule a 1-hour coaching call on an as-needed basis. See the scheduling calendar by clicking the link.

Before our first meeting, please review and fill out the Coaching and Mentoring Call Checklist below.


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