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We offer world-class comprehensive orthodontic education, and CE classes for General Dentists, Orthodontists, Orthodontic Residents, Pediatric Dentists, Hygienists, and Assistants.

Our Two Year Orthodontic Mini Residency, followed by our advanced One Year Orthodontic Fellowship  is the one-on-one comprehensive orthodontic training you are looking for. Our philosophy is based on solid clinical practice and science supported by reputable literature. We strive to practice orthodontics above the speciality’s standard of care. Our program has personal, and individual attention you need to learn orthodontics at a very high level, and we offer one-on-one support.

The three steps of comprehensive orthodontic education.

Step 1. Seminars:

From entry level to the most advanced, NOA offers the complete orthodontic curriculum. Whether you are needing to complete the NOA 101 prerequisite for the Orthodontic Mini Residency, or you need advanced courses, they are all here.

We also have an Orthodontic team training program (NOA 101).


Step 2. Orthodontic Mini Residency:

You have taken the NOA 101 prerequisite and now you are ready to enter the Two year Orthodontic Mini Residency. The Mini Residency makes sure that you, and your staff have the comprehensive training and experience to fully integrate orthodontics in your office. Let’s get this started.


Step 3. Fellowship:

You have completed the Two year Orthodontic Mini Residency, and you are well into your orthodontic practice. Now, is the time to perform the next level of One year comprehensive orthodontic training, and complete the requirements to join the elite Orthodontic Doctors, the NOA Fellows.


  • The Nagy Orthodontic Academy is:
    1. An ADA CERP Recognized Provider (recognition term is effective as of 11/1/2017 and extends through 12/31/2019)
    2. An a​pproved Biennial Sponsor of the Ohio State Dental Board
    3. Approved PACE Program Provider FADG/MAGD Credit Provider ID# 375623 


I met Dr. Attila Nagy through our shared passion for orthodontics.  He has been a wonderful colleague and teacher.  Since I practice in the same part of rural Ohio, He was gracious to let my assistants and I visit his office. He showed us how he incorporated orthodontics into his practice.  He has a breadth of life and professional experiences that includes working as an associate in another practice and working as a dental laboratory technician.  I admire his constant thirst for knowledge and self-improvement. In addition to many other tips, I have adopted his simplified technique to fabricate indirect bonding trays. Dr. Nagy runs a very efficient profitable office that provides quality orthodontics and general dentistry.

Dr. MR DDS, Ohio.

It was a pleasure having you as an instructor. My manager and I came back to the office recharged and excited to implement your ideas. Maybe we can meet at another class. Enjoy the winter,

Dr C.

We had Dr Nagy come to our office for orthodontic training for the assistant and doctors. He did a fantastic job. He was well organized and detailed in his presentation. The staff learned quite a bit and are now more duties can be delegated to the staff. We look forward to additional training from Dr Nagy as the orthodontic part of our practice continues to grow. Best,


It is a tremendous pleasure that I write this letter in support of Dr Attila Nagy. I came to know him when I went to USA to spend 2 weeks of orthodontic observation at his clinic. Ever since I have known him I have always felt that He is a dedicated professional who knows how to get through the obstacles to get things done. I have learned a great deal from observing him tackle difficult challenges with intelligence, patience, and perseverance.  It had been an outstanding opportunity for me to explore different working methods and practice the knowledge I have gained . He is motivating as a professional and inspirational as a human being!

Dr. MK DDS MS (Orthodontist)




PHONE: +1 (614) 321-2425

Course participants must always be aware of the hazards of using limited knowledge in integrating new techniques or procedures into their practice. Only comprehensive knowledge with sound evidence-based dentistry should be used in patient therapy.


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