Mini-Residency Reading Assignment

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Our required textbook: Contemporary Orthodontics 5th Edition

Proffit Book Reading assignment:

NOA 301 Chapter 1-5

Chapter 1: Malocclusion and Dentofacial Deformity in Contemporary Society

Chapter 2: Concepts of Growth and Development

Chapter 3: Early Stages of Development

Chapter 4: Later Stages of Development

Chapter 5: The Etiology of Orthodontic Problems

NOA 302 Chapter 6-7

Chapter 6: Orthodontic Diagnosis: The Problem-Oriented  Approach

Chapter 7: Orthodontic Treatment Planning: From Problem List to  Specific Plan

NOA 303 Chapter 11,12,13

Chapter 11: Moderate Nonskeletal Problems in Preadolescent  Children: Preventive and Interceptive Treatment in  Family Practice

Chapter 12: Complex Nonskeletal Problems in Preadolescent  Children: Preventive and Interceptive  Treatment

Chapter 13: Treatment of Skeletal Problems in Children and  Preadolescents

NOA 303L Hands on class Chapter 8,9,10

Chapter 8: The Biologic Basis of Orthodontic Therapy

Chapter 9: Mechanical Principles in Orthodontic Force Control

Chapter 10: Contemporary Orthodontic Appliances

NOA 304 Chapter 14,15

Chapter 14: The First Stage of Comprehensive Treatment:  Alignment and Leveling

Chapter 15: The Second Stage of Comprehensive Treatment:  Correction of Molar Relationship and Space  Closure

NOA 305 Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Special Considerations in Treatment for Adults

NOA 306 Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Third Stage of Comprehensive Treatment:  Finishing

NOA 308 Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Retention

NOA 311 Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Combined Surgical and Orthodontic Treatment

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