NOA 303L Orthodontic Team Training

Dear Doctor(s), Dental Team, and Assistants 

Thank you for registering for our NOA 303L Orthodontic Team Training with Dr. Attila Nagy DDS, MS. It will be our pleasure to help you learn to create beautiful smiles. 

We will be covering many topics that will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to support your doctor and office in providing quality orthodontic care to your patients. 

Here are the details for your upcoming seminar: 

Please read this entire document carefully. 


Date: See the Course schedule on our website

The class is held on Friday and Saturday.

The start time is 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. 

CEs: 14CEs

Prerequisite: None but NOA 301-NOA 303  are recommended. 

Tuition Cost: See the course listing under the Event schedule

Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA (Airport code: CMH) 

Instructor: Your instructor will be Dr. Attila Nagy DDS, MS


Our NOA 303L seminar combines orthodontic classroom theory with practical hands-on exercises (on typodonts, wire bending etc), teaching you, your team, and the assistants, how to work with a patient from the moment they consider pursuing orthodontic treatment until after the completion of the orthodontic care. You will learn all aspects of orthodontics, from initial standards of care records to retainers, and everything in between. 

Specific topics include, but not limited to: 

  • Malocclusions in our global societies. Why do we see so many orthodontic problems today? 
  • Be Familiar with Angle’s classification of occlusion.
  • Obtaining excellent standard of care diagnostic orthodontic records: x-rays, photos, and study models etc. 
  • Records analysis and processing – Dolphin software
  • Patient Case presentation and consultation – Reviewing the patient records and treatment plan. 
  • How to order the custom orthodontic appliances 
  • Banding and bonding a typodont case – Hands-on.
  • Orthodontic wire progression 
  • Orthodontic check appointment. 
  • Changing orthodontic wires, ties, and accessories. 
  • Headgear (facemask – reverse pull head-gear, and cervical headgear) and accessories such as TPA, LLA, coils and power chain
  • Troubleshooting common orthodontic problems 
  • Debanding an orthodontic case.
  • Fabricating and delivering retainers 
  • Sterilization and care of orthodontic instruments 
  • Ceph tracing and model measuring – Dolphin
  • Scheduling and organization the orthodontic department 
  • Coding, Billing, Insurance and marketing – orthodontics

Please come prepared with all the orthodontic materials listed below, so you will be able to get the most from the course. 

We are confident that in doing so you will learn a lot and have some fun along the way, and it will help you grow professionally! 

Materials to bring:

Please purchase and bring with you the following items before the NOA 303L Orthodontic Team Training course.

  • Typodont. 
  • Sizing bands for the typodont – 6s and 7s
  • Super glue, Transbond XT for bracketing 
  • Rely X band cement. 
  • Elastics separators.
  • Nickel titanium NiTi separating springs (neet springs) 
  • Band pusher, Bite stick, Posterior band remover 
  • Bracket height gauge 
  • Ligature wire. 
  • Shorty ligature twists ties
  • Ligature director 
  • Mathieu plier 
  • Pin and ligature cutter 
  • Distal end cutter 
  • Bird beak or Light wire plier 
  • Band remover
  • Bite stick
  • 012, or 014, or 016×016 Niti archwire 
  • Metal Ligature tie, and Shorty Koby twists tie
  • Grey chain (regular) 
  • 5-5 upper and lower standard Roth or MBT metal bracket set 
  • Photography Intra-oral mirrors (1 per assistant)
  • A good camera with a ring flash. (call photomed
  • Lateral cheek retractors, (2 per assistant) 
  • Occlusal photo retractor (lip retractor) (1 per assistant) 
  • Clinical digital camera with a ring flash for taking pictures
  • Dolphin software or PowerPoint.
  • Curing light for bonding the typodont in class during the hands-on exercise. 
  • Explorer/Perio probe      

Come prepared, with an upbeat positive, and open attitude, and you will be sure to learn a great deal at this seminar! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at


Dr. Attila Nagy DDS, MS

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