NOA Orthodontic Mini-Residency Student Instruments and Supply list

Here is the list of instruments and supplies you will need for our NOA Orthodontic Mini-Residency

Instruments, and supply.

We have linked the hu-friedy website for some of the items, but you are welcome to find these instruments at other manufacturers.

  • Minimum required for hands on typodont exercises
  1. *Mouth exam Mirror
  2. *Ligature director
  3. *Mathieu plier
  4. *Heavy/hard Wirecutter
  5. *Pin and ligature cutter
  6. *Distal end cutter
  7. *Bird beak plier
  8. *Band seater/pusher
  9. *Band removal plier
  10. *Direct bond Bracket holder
  11. *Typodont Adhesive for brackets – Superglue, or hot glue gun.
  12. *Swivel head brackets positioner. 
  13. Bracketing cheek retractors – OptiView – for live patients only!
  14. *Face mask headgear – Class III
  15. *Rhino elastic for facemasks
  16. *Sea-lion elastic: class II, and class III
  17. *Tie in ligature wire, short and long
  18. *Koby ligature tie
  19. *Elastic color bracket ties 
  20. *TPA size 4 or assorted.
  21. *Power chain gray
  22. *For pictures: Occlusal and side mirrors, side view cheek retractors for side mirrors
  23. *Wires: 12Niti,14Niti,16x16Niti, 18×25 Heat Niti , 19x25ss, 18x18ss, 19x25ss KH, 19×25 Beta
  24. *Separators: Niti neet spring, and elastic
  25. *Niti closing Coils 12mm, 9mm
  26. *Open coil ss, close coil ss
  27. *Typodont for bracketing practice
  28. *Bands for typodonts: All 6s with tubes, and upper 6s with TPA sheet on the upper 6s only.
  29. *Metal twin brackets for typodonts: hooks only on the 3s.
  30. Expander turning key
  31. Light wire plier
  32. Three-prong plier
  33. Weingart plier:
  34. Hollow chop plier
  35. Offset How plier
  36. Arch forming plier
  37. Molar Tube holder
  38. Bite stick