NOA Orthodontic Mini-Residency Student Instruments and Supply list

Recommended list of orthodontic instruments and ortho supplies for our NOA Orthodontic Mini-Residency.

These instruments and supplies are NOT included in our program fees, and they are optional for you to purchase at an additional cost.

You may elect to also purchase the Ceph tracing and image modules of the Dolphin software. Please contact Dolphin for details.

You are welcome to use any Ceph tracing, and image layout software you choose, but Dolphon is a well-designed software.

Instruments, and supply.

Student kit from Ortho Arch

We have linked the hu-friedy website for some of the items, but you are welcome to find and purchase these instruments at any of the manufacturers.

  • Minimum required instruments and supply for the hands on typodont exercises
  1. *Camera for Orthodontic photography – We prefer: 1. the Shofu EyeSpecial camera, or 2. contact PhotoMed
  2. *Intraoral Exam Mouth Mirror
  3. *Ligature director
  4. *Mathieu plier
  5. *Heavy/hard Wirecutter
  6. *Pin and ligature cutter
  7. *Distal end cutter
  8. *Bird beak plier
  9. *Band seater/pusher
  10. *Bite stick
  11. *Band removal plier
  12. *Direct bond Bracket holder
  13. *Typodont Adhesive for brackets – Superglue, or a hot glue gun.
  14. *Swivel head brackets positioner. 
  15. Bracketing cheek retractors – OptiView – for live patients only!
  16. *Face mask headgear – Class III
  17. *Rhino elastic for facemasks
  18. *Sea-lion elastic: class II, and class III
  19. *Tie in ligature wire, short and long
  20. *Koby ligature tie
  21. *Elastic color bracket/archwire ties 
  22. *TPA to fit your typodont upper 6 to 6; size 4 or assorted.
  23. *Power chain gray
  24. *Mirrors For records photography: Occlusal and side mirrors, side view cheek retractors for side mirrors – Both adults and Pedo
  25. *Wires:
    1. Upper only 12Niti, Upper 14Niti,
    2. Upper and Lowers both: 16x16Niti, 18×25 Heat Niti , 19x25ss, 18x18ss, 19x25ss KH, 19×25 Beta
  26. *Separators: Niti neet spring, and elastic
  27. *Niti closing Coils 12mm, 9mm
  28. *Open coil ss, close coil ss
  29. *Typodont for bracketing practice
  30. *Bands for typodont: Bands for all 6s with buccal tubes, and for the upper 6s ONLY with TPA/Gosh lingual sheets with distal hooks for TPA tie-in.
  31. *Band cement – 3M RelyX Luting cement:
  32. *Metal twin brackets for typodonts: hooks only on the 3s.
    • AO masters MBT metal regular twin brackets, or similar (NOT the minis)
    • Any metal twin brackets, with hooks on the 3s – Do not use mini brackets or Low profile ones.
    • For patient treatment, I use: 3M precoated MBT Victory
  33. *Dolphin Software: You do not need the entire Dolphin suit. Just ask the rep about purchasing Dolphin images, and Dolphin ceph tracing and model analysis. If you would like to import your digital 3D model and its STL file into Dolphin – ask the Dolphin rep about the Dolphin 3D Model module.
  34. At the end of the NOA300-NOA 303, NOA 303L/NOA390 required instruments.
  35. ——————
  36. Expander turning key
  37. Light wire plier
  38. Three-prong plier
  39. Weingart plier:
  40. Hollow chop plier
  41. Offset How plier
  42. Arch forming plier
  43. Molar Tube holder
  44. The End.

Software: During our program, you will have homework where you will be asked to process orthodontic records such as pictures, x-rays, models, etc, and also to do cephalometric and model/arch analysis. We recommend that you use a software such as Dolphin to complete these homework mentioned before.

Dolphin is a very popular orthodontic software for both orthodontists and general dentists, and we feel that you will find this software very useful in your orthodontic career.

The most important two Dolphin modules that you would need are (1) Dolphin Image, and (2) Dolphin ceph tracing/model arch analysis.

For more info, please see the flyer below and contact your rep.

If you do not have the Dolphin software, please make sure that you find an alternative method for processing your orthodontic records, and to do cephalometric and model/arch analysis. If you are not able to use software, then you could perhaps do the records processing by hand, but we do not teach cephalometric and arch analysis without software, because it is a very inefficient way of processing orthodontic records. We recommend that you find orthodontic software, such as Dolphin or one that is similar.

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