About Dr. Attila Nagy

Dr. Attila Nagy DDS MS received his DDS from The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. He later completed his Master of Science degree in Specialized Orthodontics in Munster, Germany. Dr. Nagy, and his wife Dr. Michelle Nagy practice dentistry in Ohio as general dentists.

Teaching Experience

Dr. Nagy has taught orthodontics to general dentists, orthodontic residents, orthodontists, dental hygienists, and orthodontic assistants. He has taught classes and has provided in-office and out-of-office consultations in more than ten states in the United States as well as in several European countries.

His Passion

Dr. Nagy’s true passion is orthodontics and teaching. Whether the audience is in a seminar room, on an online webinar, in a study club, in an orthodontic residency, or in a doctor’s office, Dr. Nagy teaches and speaks in several different States and many different countries.