The only one New Year’s resolution you should ever make is …

by Attila Nagy
January 1st, 2019

With January 1st ringing in the New Year, many of us are tempted to make new commitments and resolutions. Most of us know it very well that unless chosen carefully, many of these new commitments are just too hard to keep, or just impossible to reach.

May be you want to loose some weight, get more fit, or to be more patient with the kids, or just to be a better, nicer person, which are all good goals, but they are just too general to be attained.

But what is the one thing that most people could benefit from, that would be worth while making the efforts for as a New Year’s resolution? What is the one thing that all of us could benefit from, that is missing from most people’s lives.

I think it is Mentorship.

Most of my success in life can be attributed to hard work, and to great mentor relationships that I had. I have been blessed over the years to have several great mentors who tirelessly helped and guided me. Without these mentors, I would not be in a fortunate position where I am today. My mentors showed vested interest in helping me, in many cases for free and for years, days after days answering my questions, and helping me with decisions, and life choices.

I think many of you could benefit from such mentorship, which is why I am witting this post.

Tonight I came across this article on Medium, called What Nobody Tells You About Finding Mentors, and I thought it be worth while sharing it with all of you.

I don’t have time today to list all of the great mentors whom I had in my life over the years, (may be in another post), but I am very grateful for all of their efforts and hard work that they have vested in me. Whether they guided me about college choices, life and family decision, their efforts were very valuable.

So, I would encourage everyone to make a New Year’s resolution to find a mentor this year. It’s doable, it’s possible, and it can be very beneficial for everyone.

Here is the article on Medium. Please, let me know what you think.


If you had great mentors in the past, what have been your experience? How did your mentor help you grow? What did you find the most beneficial in having a mentor? How did you find a mentor?

Have a wonderful New Year.

Best wishes,