How to export a Dolphin patient record, via Dolphin anywhere (online), or via a local drive.

Here is the answer to a common questions I often get.

How to share and archive Dolphin software patient records. There are two easy ways to accomplish this:

One is via Dolphin Anywhere an Online option, the other is via your local drive.

1. Save/Archive Via Dolphin Anywhere (Online)

Open dolphin/select patient/ click Patient/Archive/save patient to archive/Internet archive with Anywhere Dolphin/save patient to the internet. /Upload/Login Anywhere Dolphin/Go online/Find patient and share

2. Save/Archive to desktop

Open dolphin/select patient/ click Patient/Archive/Disk network archive/save patient to archive/select local drive to save file to/ CLICK NO!!!!! to Remove this patient from the patient list/Find the archived file on your local network, and share via a HIPAA compliant method (Sharefile etc). 

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