Clear aligners and posterior open bite – How to prevent it, and how to treat it.

One of the most common problems with clear aligner and Invisalign treatment is the development of posterior open bite. If you use clear aligner orthodontic treatment for your patients, at one point you will run into this problem.

Do you know how to recognize and deal with this problem?

During treatment

Often, the cause of posterior open bite with clear aligners is

  1. Lack of overjet, and/or
  2. Retroclined upper anterior teeth.

It’s important to recognize at the start of treatment that these problems may develop during clear aligner treatment.

Often, as the upper teeth retrocline and/or there is a lack of overjet, a premature anterior contact develops, resulting in posterior open bite.

How do we correct this problem?

The best is to prevent this problem from developing and to make efforts at the start of treatment to avoid this posterior open bite from occurring.

We can do this by adding extra upper torque to the upper anterior teeth.

Also, if there is a lack of overjet, lower IPR might be necessary to increase overjet.

It is also important to show 1-2mm overjet on the finish stage of the ClinCheck, to account for the thickness of the clear aligner material.

These steps often can reduce and/or eliminate the occurrence of posterior open bite.

After treatment
During treatment with posterior open bite

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