Our Academy

We offer world-class comprehensive orthodontic education, and CE classes for General Dentists, Pediatric Dentists, Orthodontists, Orthodontic Residents, Hygienists, and Assistants.

Our Three-year NOA Orthodontic Program consists of:

  1. NOA Orthodontic Mini Residency – 24 months. Non-extraction, mixed dentition orthodontic treatment.
  2. NOA Orthodontic Fellowship – 12 months. Extraction & Non-extraction & Surgical orthodontic treatment.
Our Two Year Orthodontic Mini Residency, followed by our advanced One Year Orthodontic Fellowship is the one-on-one comprehensive orthodontic training you are looking for. Our philosophy is based on solid clinical practice and science supported by the reputable literature. We strive to practice orthodontics above the specialty’s standard of care. Our program has the personal, and individual attention you need to learn orthodontics at a very high level, and we offer one-on-one support.


From entry level to the most advanced, NOA offers the complete orthodontic curriculum. Whether you are needing to complete the NOA 101, or if you would like to enroll in the Orthodontic Mini Residency, or if you need advanced courses, they are all here.

We also have an Orthodontic team training program (NOA 101), that can be schedule in both the Doctor’s practice location to best accommodate your busy schedule , or at a seminar location.


You have taken the NOA 101, and now you are ready to enter the Two year Orthodontic Mini Residency. The Mini Residency makes sure that you, and your staff have the comprehensive training and experience to fully integrate orthodontics in your office. Let’s get this started.


You have completed the Two year Orthodontic Mini Residency, and you are well into your orthodontic practice. Now, is the time to perform the next level of One year comprehensive orthodontic training, and complete the requirements to join the elite Orthodontic Doctors, the NOA Fellows.

The Nagy Orthodontic Academy is :

An ADA CERP Recognized Provider (recognition term is effective as of 11/1/2017 and extends through 12/31/2019)

Approved PACE Program Provider FADG/MAGD Credit Provider ID# 375623