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NOA303L – Two day Live Orthodontic Team Training – Columbus Ohio

Prerequisites: NOA300 – NOA303 (Click here)

Registration DeadlineEducation Credits
30 days prior to course date14 CEU (2 days)
Registrants Incl.Additional Staff
1 Doctor + 2 Non-Doctor staff.$250 per non-Doctor staff.

This is our two-day hands-on Team training course, which is a required part of our Online Comprehensive Orthodontic Mini-Residency. You are required to take NOA 303L and NOA 309L for graduation. These courses (NOA 303L and NOA 309L) are offered twice a year in Columbus, Ohio on a rotating schedule, to accommodate our students’ busy schedule.

Click the ‘Download’ below to learn more about the program schedule.

  • Malocclusions in our global societies. Why do we see so many orthodontic problems today?
  • Be Familiar with the Angle’s classification of occlusion.
  • Obtaining excellent standard of care diagnostic orthodontic records: x-rays,photos, and study models etc.
  • Records analysis and processing – Dolphin software
  • Patient Case presentation and consultation – Reviewing the patient records and the treatment plan.
  • How to order custom orthodontic appliances, such as RPE, LLA, RPA, etc.
  • Banding and bonding a typodont case–Handson.
  • Orthodontic wire sequence
  • Orthodontic followup and check appointment.
  • Changing orthodontic wires, ties, accessories.
  • Headgear (facemask – reverse pull head-gear, and cervical head gear) and accessories such as TPA, LLA, coils and power chain
  • Troubleshooting common orthodontic treatment problems
  • Debanding an orthodontic case
  • Fabricating and delivering retainers
  • Sterilization and care of orthodontic instruments
  • Ceph tracing and model measuring – Dolphin
  • Scheduling and organization your orthodontic department
  • Coding, Billing, Insurance and marketing – orthodontics
  • How to build your dream team

Please register as early as possible. Registration will be close 30 days prior to the seminar date.

Our philosophy is based on solid clinical practice and science supported by reputable literature. You will learn to diagnose and treat many different types of malocclusion.

Please Note: The enrollment Dead Line is 30 days prior to the seminar date. There is no refund within 30 days from the course date.


Oct 15 - 16 2021


8:00 am - 4:00 pm




14 CEU


Columbus, Ohio | NOA 303L


Dr. Attila Nagy DDS MS


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